Our staff are well trained and fully experienced as gent of New Shipbuilding and Shipping field. We have a very relation with each individual authority, and thereby ensuring a timely arrival and departure of the vessel.
 For Calling Vessel
-We can cover all types of vessels calling Korean ports
- tankers, bulk carriers, fishing boats, and etc.,
- by our experienced support & strong network at each port

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 For Personal

- We can arrange rentals of apartments and houses. All apartments and houses are well furnished and ready to move into. It is possible to view several properties prior to selecting those required.
- Maintenance and cleaning services
- Electricity, Gas, Telephone and Internet connection
Car rental

- Short or long term car rental. All grades of car are provided, with a wide range of choice.
- Used / new car for sale: We provided a "Buy-Back System" which allows the purchase of a vehicle, and a subsequent re-sale upon departure from Korea, thus enabling funds to be recovered.
- Registration and Insurance
- General maintenance at our repair shop
 We are assisting the following, but not limited to
Ships in services

- Ticketing for international and/or domestic flights
- Arrange hotel accommodation for superintendent and crew
- Mobile phone rental service
- Arrange transportation
- Visit site teams and crews daily
- Arrange transportation and accommodation for crew
- Arrange and/or extend crew' s visa
- Assist site teams and crew members with their personal affairs, including assisting with distressed personnel
Ships under construction

- Arrange Owners' suppliers/ stores/ spare parts
- Customs clearance and storing into warehouse
- Local transportation and on-boarding
- Freight forwarding
- Arrange bunkers/ fresh water
- Line handling
- Arrange launch boat between moored position and the   shore
- Port clearance and arrival/departure report
- more regarding ship's delivery