Kyungjin Shipping Co. Ltd. is trusted by many ship owners the world over to protect their interests, and is their General Shipping Agent of choice.
KYUNGJIN SHIPPING CO., LTD. as General Shipping Agent, handles
break-bulks, chemicals, tankers and multipurpose services, etc.
In order to maximize profits, and to ensure that the best interests of ship owners are met, a trustworthy Agency is essential, Kyungjin Shipping Co. Ltd. is renowned for providing unrivalled value to our customers with our comprehensive service, and fast and efficient job execution.
Highly qualified and reliable, our personnel have extensive knowledge of the prevailing market situation at any given time, and trends within. They fully understand and support the management's aim of providing a continually superior standard of service, and act accordingly. They are solution providers and strive to satisfy any request pr requirement.
Kyungjin Shipping Co. Ltd, as your Agent, assists’ and support ship owner‘s for any type of vessel, but not limited to tankers, bulk carriers and Ro-Ro containers as well as fishing boats. We also assist and support ship owners during construction of newbuildings, delivery and re-sales, as well as repairs for ship's in service i.e. a float repair or for dry decking. Moreover, we assist our client for normal agency duties like Port Clearance, handling crew, spare parts, transportation, warehouse facilities et cetera.